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European Coating group Rembrandtin-Helios and ASHWINI KORPORATION had joined hand together for European Coating Technologies for Indian Market. Rembrandtin is a group holding company of Austrian Ring International Holding AG (RIH) leading corporate groups in the areas of stationery and coatings comprises a total of 64 companies, 21 of which are production facilities. Worldwide, RIH employs 3,500 employees on three continents.

The Group produces various paints for Metal Finishing like Railway Coatings, Heat & Fire Protection Paints, Road Marking Paints, CED/KTL Paints, Coil Coatings, Wood Coatings, Resins for Paint Industry, Zinc Aluminium Flake and Heavy Metal Protection coatings for heavy Engineering industry.

Premium Products Inc.

ASHWINI KORPORATION had entered into the co-operation agreement for sales, distribution and market development of Aquazinc® and Aquablack® coating products for finishing industry in India. The company is established in Chicago >30 years for manufacturing of water reducible organic & inorganic sealers, Coloured coatings for metal parts to protect corrosion with enhanced properties to withstand variety of climatic conditions worldwide includes UV, Humidity, Cold, Ocean & Offshore etc.


ASHWINI KORPORATION has started association with South Korean anti-corrosive coating paint manufacturer for representing Geopert® branded coatings into Indian market. The company makes water reducible Zinc Aluminium Alloy Flake based anti-corrosive coating chemicals &selling it over 12 years to applicators and job coaters for dip spin and spray application in Asian countries for Automotive, Engineering & Industrial metal hardware sector.


GREENKOTE Plc, a global coating technology company has joined hands with ASHWINI KORPORATION since 2011 to offer high quality coatings that provide protection on a vast array of parts used in the automotive, construction, defense/small weapon, and electronics industries, among others.

GREENKOTE’s patented coating technology improves the properties of a wide range of metals, alloys and sintered powders giving them added qualities such as increased resistance to low and high-temperature corrosion, increased wear resistance and better bonding to rubber and plastic. In addition, the GREENKOTE® coating process is environmentally friendly and designed to ensure all excess materials are recycled or reused in the process.