Top Coats & Other Fluoropolymer Coatings


This coating is a single pack system which is easy to use and is suitable for every climate. Aquazinc® can be used as an alternative to zinc plating. In comparison, it offers better overall performance through higher corrosion resistance and no hydrogen embrittlement while remaining cost competitive. Aquazinc® has excellent adhesion over most substrates.

The Aquazinc® is an aluminum/zinc flake, water born, one coat system with a silver/gray appearance. This coating is integrated with lubricants and does not need an additional top coat to adjust the coefficient of friction values for threaded hardware parts and fasteners.

It is a single coating system that requires two coats when applied through a dip-spin process and only one coat when applied through spraying. The same product can be used for both the first and second coat, allowing for reduced product waste. Equipment can then be easily cleaned with water.


PTFE Fluoropolymer is a corrosion resistant lubricant for the Offshore Drilling and Petroleum Industries. It adheres to a wide variety of substrate treatments like zinc phosphate, zinc plating, and stainless steel. It lowers friction, reduces wear, and offers a coefficient of friction as required. PTFE Fluoropolymer coating offers a water-based, environmentally friendly solution that is resilient enough to endure extreme weather conditions as well as aquatic environments. It is durable enough to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals such as gasoline and MEK, among others. PTFE Fluoropolymer also provides UV resistance for over 2000 hours.

PTFE Fluoropolymer is applied through a dip-spin process. This coating reduces the possibility of galling and fretting, which in turn lengthens the life of the fasteners. During testing, PTFE Fluoropolymer lasted over 25 Kesternich cycles and over 1000 hours SST in the ASTM B-117 test.

PTFE Fluoropolymer is available in a wide array of colors to suit any project needs. At Premium Products, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing customers with custom, quality service for each and every order.


Premium Products offers a water-based, environmentally friendly dry lubricant coating. The dry lubricant coating can be applied through a spray or a dip/spin process to fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and hinges. Once applied and the coating cures, it forms a solid protective layer that reduces friction, much like conventional lubricants. However, dry lubricants differ from conventional lubricants because dry lubricants still provide lubricity when conventional ones are inadequate. In higher temperatures, extreme or oxidizing environments, or under heavier loads, dry lubricants are able to function at a better capacity than liquid lubricants.

Dry lubricant coatings offer protection by providing corrosion and abrasion resistance. Dry lubricant also protects fasteners by providing chemical resistance, therefore preventing parts from rust. Dry lubricant coating prolongs the life of fasteners and parts through its protective properties by guarding it from problems related to oxidation, but also by enabling the parts to move freely, without friction. It minimizes breakage and eases release of mating parts.

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