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Greenkote Technologies

Galvanizing — or zinc coating — has been used for over a hundred years in a wide range of applications to protect steel from the ravages of corrosion. Greenkote® is an advanced, patented, thermal diffusion coating process that takes zinc-based metal coating to a whole new level of performance.

This is a technically superior replacement for zinc plating, hot dip coating, mechanical galvanizing, zinc flake dip-spin and various other competitive processes. In some cases, Greenkote can even replace stainless steel or chromium plating. Greenkote delivers exceptional protection against corrosion and also eliminates hydrogen embrittlement, provides superior adhesion and greater uniformity. It wears longer and is competitively priced — plus, it’s completely eco-friendly! Greenkote processes and coatings are totally free of toxics and pollutants, including heavy metals and Cr6+ and Cr3+.

Greenkote Performance

Greenkote® coating is widely chosen for its exceptional higher performance corrosion protection, longer wear, and other special capabilities. It outperforms many other traditional coating processes such as zinc plating, hot dip, metal flake and sherardizing as well as PVD and CVD. It can also replace chromium-, vanadium- and titanium-based coatings in many applications.

Bottom line, the unique Greenkote thermal diffusion process is selected because it delivers higher performance metal protection — on many fronts.

Greenkote Products

Greenkote® thermal diffusion coatings are available in three groups — PM-1, PM-10, and PM-21 — to provide a range of thickness, hardness, and other characteristics. And within each group, the specifications may be varied to tailor a coating to specific applications, topcoats or other requirements.

Using a proprietary thermal diffusion process, all of the Greenkote formulations offers exceptional corrosion resistance as well as strong adhesion, superior wear resistance, low friction, elimination of hydrogen embrittlement and excellent bonding to rubber, plastic and other topcoats.

Greenkote Application & References

Patented Greenkote® anti-corrosion coatings improve the performance of many different metals, alloys and sintered materials, most importantly increasing their resistance to corrosion and wear. This is why Greenkote is particularly useful for protecting fasteners, fittings, castings, stampings and numerous other metal parts that are exposed to weather and corrosive environments at low and high temperatures. Greenkote can also maintain uniform thickness and critical tolerances for parts with complicated geometries, and with its enhanced adhesion qualities it’s a natural base for duplex coatings. Thus, Greenkote finds a wide range of uses in industries such as.

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